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Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you navigate the world of

A certification of uniqueness, that represents a digital or physical good, guaranteed by and stored on the blockchain. It’s like a certificate of authenticity that is impossible to fake or falsify. Learn more with our Glossary.

Early 2022. Stay tuned.

Ahead of the drop, sign up for a account. While on the site, you will also sign up for a Blocto wallet.  Those accounts are linked. When the NFT launches, login with your account on the site and click Mint. You’ll be walked through a few, easy steps and then the NFT will be yours!

Owning an NFT from this collection cementes yourself not only as part of our beginning but as part of our future. When you own one of our Genesis NFTs, you’ll have a reserved spot on the TestFlight, skip-the-line privileges to events and activations and private access to our discord. It’s like being a VIP and pioneer.

Blocto. It’s extremely user friendly and developed specifically for blockchain apps.

When you sign up for Blocto through our site, it will automatically connect to some·place.

We’re using Flow.

Flow was designed from the ground up for applications that also require exceptional user experience. At, we design everything with ease-of-use in mind and Flow was a perfect fit.


No, not at this time.

You’ll design your avatar, set up your personal gallery and explore public spaces with other users from around the globe.

Additional features will be consciously rolled out including a competition to win exclusive NFTs, dedicated drops with brands and artists and more.

Yes but you will quickly have FOMO. Be on the lookout for one of our competitions so you can win your first NFT and start your journey.

Ah, procrastination. You’ll have to wait. Put your email address in here to sign up for the waitlist. Also you can sign up for pre-download on the app store up on the app store and it will automatically download when it launches to the public.