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Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you navigate the world of

Metaverse, Web3 & NFT Basics

The metaverse is simply a change in how we use technology to interact with others and the world around us. In essence, Web3 and the metaverse represent a shift in how we live, work, play and socialize online.

Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t one metaverse. And the metaverse doesn’t mean an overwhelming, Virtual Reality game that takes all your time. We believe the metaverse is really another term for community.

Web3 is a new model of digital ownership, where builders and creators can own their content and community through tokens, NFTs, DAO memberships and more.

Web1 was the first stage of the internet with static pages and very few content creators. Web2 introduced interactive sites, social media and content creators.

A certification of uniqueness, that represents a digital or physical good, guaranteed by and stored on the blockchain. It’s like a certificate of authenticity that is impossible to fake or falsify. Learn more with our Glossary.

Our Genesis NFT "The Potion" and Marketplace

Owning an NFT from this collection cementes yourself not only as part of our beginning but as part of our future. When you own one of our Genesis NFTs, you’ll have a reserved spot on the TestFlight, skip-the-line privileges to events and activations and private access to our discord. It’s like being a VIP and pioneer.

It happened in March 2022. We are now sold out and only available on the secondary market. Please visit Rarible to purchase your genesis.

We’re using Flow.

Flow was designed from the ground up for applications that also require exceptional user experience. At, we design everything with ease-of-use in mind and Flow was a perfect fit.

You need a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency to purchase an NFT. To purchase our Potion NFT, you’ll need a Blocto wallet and FLOW.

Instructions on how to set up a Blocto wallet can be found here.
Instructions on how to buy Flow can be found here.

You can purchase The Potion collection on:


No, the whole collection will only be the 3,000 currently in circulation.

some·place App

At this moment, you need to purchase a Potion to access the some·place iOS app. The app will be available for public download in late 2022. You can use an iPhone or iPad to access the app.

Once you own a Potion, you can set up the app via instructions in our Discord.

Yes! You will be able to explore our public spaces without holding any NFTs when we launch in the app store. However, there will be many events and experiences that you will not be able to access without holding a specific NFT.

- Choose your avatar
- Explore your Personal Space
- Connect your wallet to see your NFTs in your Personal Space
- Curate the NFTs that show up on the wall
- View your Potion in the digital space
- Take a in-app photo
- Walk out the door to explore further

An Android beta rollout is planned for late Q3 of 2022.

Not at this time. We are mobile focused first before moving on to other platforms.