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Genesis Private Sale Instructions

7 March 2022 12pm PST through 8 March 2022 12pm PST

How do I get in?
The Private Sale access was determined by a random raffle and gives winners the chance to mint our genesis Potion before the Public. You can check if your wallet made it to the list here.

3,000 Potion bottles that were randomly generated and 100% randomly minted.

How many can I mint?
You can mint up to 2 bottles during this sale. 

How do I mint?
We partnered with an incredible tool built on Flow called Schwap to help us with our Private Sale! Please follow step by step.

  1. We’ll create a trade using your preloaded wallet on
  2. On March 7 at 12pm PST, head over to the Schwap
  3. Connect your wallet (top right corner) BLOCTO ONLY
  4. Click "My Trades" (top right corner, only after signing in with Blocto)
  5. There you will see a trade in your Schwap Inbox coming from this address 0x667a16294a089ef8
  6. Next to the Trade ID click the square with the arrow 
  7. Confirm you are receiving an unrevealed bottle and giving the right amount of FLOW back (33 per bottle)
  8. At the bottom of the trade window click "Approve Trade"
  9. In this next screen click the checkbox and click "Approve"
  10. Follow the Blocto prompts clicking "Approve" twice (2x)
  11. If you are minting multiples, click "Create New Trade". If you are done minting, you can exit the browser.

I minted, how do I check my assets?
To see which Potion you minted, you can visit
This is also where reveal will be happening.

Disclaimer: This could take 5-10 minutes at the most.

Remember, you have 24 hours to mint, starting on March 7 at 12pm PST. The Private Sale will close on March 8 at 12pm PST.

I didn't get in, when is the Public Sale?
Our Public Sale opens on 08 March 2022, 4pm PST. Come
 to and click Mint on the homepage — this will be available only on March 8th. This will take you to our mint page where you will be able to connect your wallet, select 1 or 2 units, and proceed to mint. This must be done on desktop.

How much FLOW do I need?
We recommend that you have 34 FLOW if buying one, and 67 FLOW if buying two.

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