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Public Mint Instructions

If you're planning on minting on our Public Sale, here are quick steps on how to and also how to then visualize your collectibles.

From the Mint button on the homepage you'll be taken to our Mint section.

Check Terms & Condition to Proceed

Click Connect Wallet

A Blocto pop-up will show up, click Confirm.

Select how many you'd like to mint (1 or 2)

Click My Account on the navigation and My Collection

Visualize your freshly minted Potions

brand storytelling like never before

Custom hyper-realistic 3D experiences built in Unreal Engine and self-managed through a web-based tools.

seamless eCommerce Integration

Connect with your third-party or custom-built commerce solutions.

on-chain rewards

Rewards build on-chain segmentation facilitating consumer reach and future-proofing brands as consumer privacy and data ownership become more prevalent.