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Your invitation to a spectacular metaverse.

Welcome to some·place Welcome to some·place
Who we are

Who we are

We’re a mobile app that awakens your treasured digital collectibles and gives you the tools to share these experiences with others.

Our intuitive world lets users interact with their NFTs in a 3D, digital space and in real life, with AR. 

Our platform opens doors for collectors and artists to actualize their collections and push creative boundaries while building community with like-minded individuals. 

Founded by women entrepreneurs, some·place insists on breaking down barriers to build a more equitable digital experience for all.

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Create your avatar

Curate your space

Connect with others

Create your avatar
Curate your space
Connect with others

Represent yourself as you are; or how you choose to be

Express yourself by displaying your NFTs

Share your digital collections with your friends in AR

Our First NFT

Our First NFT

1,500 Unique and randomly minted Potion bottles

Artist collaboration (to be announced soon) on select units

Programmatically generated

The first 3D NFT with AR functionality on the FLOW blockchain

Each one acts as an access pass with a wide range of benefits

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All good journeys start with a map. Here's ours:

Q1, 2022

Beta &
Early Access NFT

First drop of our Potion NFT, select units in collaboration with artists. These unique bottles function as access pass to future releases.

iOS App Beta launch in TestFlight.

Ability to showcase your some·place NFT in your own 3D space and in real life via AR.

Competition to win exclusive NFTs.

Q1, 2022

The World
Continues to Expand

Multi-wallet integration: starting with Blocto & Metamask, to allow users to showcase their NFTs within some·place (other blockchains to follow).

Opportunity for artists and brands to create novel types of NFTs, unlike anything in-market today: interactive, 3D, AR.

Ongoing and regular brand, artist, and celebrity collaboration drops.

Q2, 2022

Communities and
NFT Utility

Ability to capture your in-app experiences and share them directly to social.

Enable 3D NFT projects to bring their assets to life; ability for their members to enter our space as their NFT avatar as well as enable them to bring other 3D assets to life through our animation and AR functionality.

Public launch in the App store.

Q3, 2022

The Future of the
Community Awaits

Events and Brand activations to take place in some·place.

Customized spaces for NFT communities' members to connect and socialize.

Ability to share your personal space with others.

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In-App & AR Experience

Serene Environments

Exclusive Social Connections

Sleek Avatars

Space For All Your NFTs

Genesis NFTs

Your NFTs in the real world

Explore the physical realm with a digital lens