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Welcome to some·place A spectacular metaverse for everyone

Explore our curated world.
No land purchase or VR headset required.

The difference is in the detail

The difference is in the detail

The some·place mobile metaverse makes digital culture accessible, right from the palm of your hand.

Our intuitive, multiplayer world gives you the tools to interact with like-minded others, build community and express your identity in a real-time, 3D digital space, and in real life, with AR.

With a marketplace, activations, and public spaces like no other, you’ll be able to curate and share all that is important to you.

Founded by women entrepreneurs, some·place insists on breaking down barriers to build a more equitable digital experience for all.

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Mobile-first allows you to join us on this journey on-the-go, anywhere you are.

Display your collections and discover new digital treasures.

Build and grow your community in a real-time, multiplayer metaverse.

The Potion

The Potion

It all starts with the some·place genesis, The Potion. The first some·place collectible and a key into our metaverse.

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All good journeys start with a map. Here's ours:

Q1, 2022

Beta &
Early Access NFT

Genesis NFT drop in partnership with artists Amber Vittoria and Shantell Martin.

iOS App Beta launch in TestFlight.

Q2, 2022

NFT Utility &

Multi-wallet integration where users can showcase their NFTs within the app.

Make your Personal Space unique to you — additional curatorial options available.

Android Beta release.

Ongoing feature releases, such as: find, connect & engage with like-minded others, video functionality, support multiple NFT formats and more.

Q3, 2022

The World

Pilot program release: Community & Event spaces.

Enable 3D NFT projects to bring their assets to life.

Multiplayer and voice functionalities.

Ongoing marketplace drops — novel types of NFTs, interactive, 3D, AR.

Q4, 2022

The Future of the
Community Awaits

Public launch in app stores.

some·place tokenomics progress update, with release around Q1, 2023.

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In-App & AR Experience

Serene Environments

Exclusive Social Connections

Sleek Avatars

Space For All Your NFTs

Genesis NFTs

Your NFTs in the real world

Explore the physical realm with a digital lens

Got a Potion?

Got a Potion?

Potion holders have access to our Beta. If you don’t have one, buy one on the secondary market. If you do, follow instructions in Discord to access our Beta app on iOS.

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