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You asked: we answered.

10 March 2022 -  Listen here.
Thank you everyone for your questions, we tried to answer as many as possible. We love your suggestions and feedback as we shape the future of the some·place metaverse. Our team takes all your considerations to heart but please know we are a small team and want to make sure we get every piece of this right.  Like we say, product over hype. — team some·place

Q.  How and when will potion holders get TestFlight access and when is the Potion art reveal?
  • Reveal is the week of March 14th! Exact date to come. After reveal, Potion holders will get Beta access in about 10 days.
  • The Potion will also be the first NFT you will be able to see in your Personal Space and bring to IRL with AR.
  • As soon as Metamask and final Blocto integrations are live, you will be able to start customizing your space with your Flow and ETH collections. Shortly after, a larger personal space will be available for upgrade.
  • We’re also working on and excited to be rolling out owner roles soon. requires Flow drops to open a ticket for integration and we’re waiting for that to be completed at this time.

Q. I understand Some.Place includes multi-wallet and multi-chain integrations. Do we have a comprehensive list on what networks will be supported? Will you be expanding this list? 

At, our goal is to be agnostic in everything we do, from the chains and wallets we integrate with, to our own marketplace drops and app activations. 

  • As of right now Q1 we’re integrating Blocto in Q1 and MetaMask in late Q1/early Q2.
  • Soon after that, we’re working with popular tier 1 chains such as Tezos and layer 2 blockchains such as Polygon and Immutable.
  • The list will continue to expand as we want to be as inclusive as possible in everything we do, and support consumers with the chains where they are shopping and collecting.
    Q. What are the currently known potion utilities and can you tell us anything else about what the future holds for them? 

    We all know that it’s your key to the metaverse, pre-sale pass for future drops and in-app privileges. But it's not only that. 

    We also feel compelled to always come to the community with something substantial and ready to be rolled out, not just ideas.

    • The next big step we’re working on, is to introduce our token to engage and reward our most loyal community members, The Potion holders, as well as giving you a real stake in the community and the success of the product.
    • We will airdrop a token to all Potion holder wallets at a date TBA. This will formalize your entry to what we like to call the G7.
    • Our community will not only contribute to our product roadmap, and will ultimately shape our product. This is our first step to decentralization and the formation of the DAO.

    We have the support of an amazing team of experts, including a Flamingo DAO OG, on how this should be rolled out.

    Q. What are the benefits of holding more than one Potion and do Potion utilities travel with ownership? 
    • Any reward related to the potion such as token airdrop and DAO rights, are on a per wallet basis and not per potion basis.
    • Utility does get passed from wallet to wallet when a potion is transfered. But benefits will most likely be tied to how long you’ve had a potion in your wallet so diamond hands will definitely get bigger rewards.
    • Multiple potions can and will in the future have other benefits. We’ve been working on what the combination of different potions can bring to holders.
    This will be rolled out later this year and we’ll share the timeline towards the end of Q1.

    Q. What are the Mid term roadmap plans regarding the metaverse’s public spaces/events? And how will communities have their own spaces?

    We think of public spaces and events in two forms: gated communities and public spaces. 

    These are multiplayer, voice based, environments, and roll out is scheduled for Q3. 

    Public Spaces:
    This is where like-minded others can overlap and connect. What’s really important to note about public spaces is that the community can help shape what those are.

    Gated Communities:
    Think of these as discord channels that are unlocked by your authentication. You will only be able to enter these spaces if you’re a holder of a token that allows you access to it. 

    We have been in conversations with existing NFT projects, new projects yet to launch and entertainment groups on what they want to offer as an experience.

    Even if our twitter might look like we are just creating private gallery spaces for celebrities, we are actually building a platform where Eva Longoria and others can create a custom community space for their members.

    Q. Are you happy with the way the mint has gone so far?

    To be honest, it is not exactly the way we wanted it to go. 

    We worked with Blocto and Flow because we believed it would be the easiest route to onboard as many as possible into Web3.

    We always have accessibility and equity in mind in every step of the process, the idea that you would download a wallet, create it in less than 5 minutes, purchase Flow with your credit card, and be good to mint was exactly what we wanted for the UX.

    We know a lot of you had no trouble buying Flow directly in the app but there were more issues than we had anticipated and frankly more than we wanted to see.

    We are seeing the issues, learning and adapting. 

    Our goal is to be blockchain agnostic and we’ve said that our future drops and collaborations in our marketplace will be done on chains that better suit the artist we’re working with. 

    Our marketplace will eventually integrate multiple wallets, and will prioritize those that can hold different tokens, so you can choose how you’d prefer to pay, even if the chain of drop is different to your payment choice. 

    On a personal note, Lana would like to give a shout out to the Flow and Dapper Labs team for being amazing to work with. Special thanks to Mickey Maher for helping us through the process.

    Q. What’s going on with the Secondary Market?

    We’re in conversations with 3 marketplaces that support Flow - VIV3, Gaia and Rarible.

    • VIV3 is currently updating the infrastructure to index NFTs at scale and their deadline is 2-3 weeks.
    • Gaia meeting is early next week.
    • Currently emailing with Rarible.

    OpenSea is working on a Flow integration. 

    Our goal is for The Potion to exist in a secondary that has good visibility and better success for sales.

    And lastly, we have integrated the Flow API so you will soon be able to see your Potion inside the Blocto wallet.

    Q. What is the release timeline of the iOS app in the public App store? What about Android?

    • It’s scheduled for Q2. We want to make sure we can successfully grow our team behind the scenes and develop the tech to be able to support the public.
    • Android is part of our roadmap, but we don’t have an exact date so we haven’t felt comfortable announcing yet.  However, we will work hard to update the community when this crystallizes. We know we have lots of community members on Android and want to bring you all along to our Metaverse!
    Q.  Are there possibilities of upcoming video AR capabilities for the potion?
    This is something we are working on and coming soon! 

    Q. How will Personal Spaces evolve over time?

    Our Product Team always welcomes suggestions. Here’s what’s on our roadmap currently:

    • Q2 - Personal Spaces will have bigger options for larger collections.
    • Q2 - Personal Spaces will have more customization options to reflect your identity and personality.

    Beyond that, we are discussing other options internally but can’t make them public just yet. We are working on the other aspects of the space, some will be free upgrades.

    Q. Will there be a web app in addition to the mobile apps? How about oculus?
    We believe to onboard the masses to Web3, it needs to be accessible on mobile. Right now, that’s where our focus and efforts are.

    Q. When and how can we gift a potion to someone who already has a blocto wallet?
    You will be able to do it on Schwap. We are putting together instructions for this and they should be available tomorrow (March 11, PST).

    Q. Can I import 3D models/ art done by me to the app? 
    Not at this time. We focus on NFTs in the personal space and so your art would have to be an NFT. For 3D NFT, they would need to be interoperable into the metaverse. Developer tools for that are part of our internal roadmap but not listed yet.

    Q. Can I monetise my space in the future? For example, charge a small fee to people who visit my space for instance.
    Everyone gets a personal space so we’re not monetizing those at this time.

    Q. Will we be able to have gif nfts in our space?
    Yes to GIFs but also 3D NFTs as well, beyond the Potion.

    Q. How will I be able to go to other rooms?
    Multiplayer functionality is coming - the ability for multiple users to meet and talk in one space, like your Personal Space.  We will solve this through “peer-to-peer” and voice integration. You’ll be able to meet others in public spaces and gated communities as well.

    Q. Is there a plan to allow small businesses or organizations to use their spaces for commerce?
    We are working on that and will update you as soon as we can. Like everything we do, it’s product over hype and we’re working on a case study for this and will share this when we can.

    Q. Any partnerships you can let out of the bag?
    There are big commercial opportunities that Lana is specifically working on, however, the company is under NDA. We will have regular town halls where we will continue to update the community as these partnerships become public knowledge.

    Q. Now that you dropped that alpha about the token: what will be the use cases of the token besides governance?
    It’s not just governance but also economic benefits. More to come on this soon. 

    Q. You seem to care about sustainability and accessibility. I’m curious to learn if you’ll support climate and JEDI initiatives in the future.
    We’re always learning and looking for ways to increase accessibility to Web3 and will continue to learn about how we can make an equitable future for all.