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We're hiring

Founded by women entrepreneurs, some·place insists on breaking down barriers to build a more equitable digital experience for all. We work with incredible partners worldwide and have a diverse team of talented, creative humans. Our team is entirely remote.

Our values
Resilience: Change doesn’t come unless we push for it. We’re overcoming systemic hurdles to give everyone the tools for a brighter digital future.

Elevated Design: From user experience to 3D architecture, we believe that the foundation of any effective digital experience is curated and accessible design.

Culture and Human Connection: Technology is only as strong as the people behind it. Product decisions should always be guided by healthy and humane choices that build true community.

Innovation: We want you to break things. We are building something that hasn’t been built before which requires creative thinking, flexibility and persistence.

Learning: One of the only constants in life is change. We never stop inquiring and learning; and as we learn, we adapt and evolve.

Research tells us that women and people from underrepresented groups often apply to jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. We recognize that it is highly unlikely that someone meets all the qualifications for a role. If you fit many of the qualifications for one of our job descriptions, please apply for the role.

Open Roles: