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Creating a Beta Account

1. Create an account or Login:
Click here to use your email address or phone number to sign up for the app. If you are already exploring our TestFlight, you will simply need to Login — please don’t create a new account. Simply click Login below the Sign Up button, which will take you to the correct page.

2. Confirmation
You’ll receive a confirmation code through text or email as a 2FA login protocol. Enter this code. The code may be in your ‘junk’ email folder. 

3. Connect your wallets
Blocto: this is how we will verify you are a Potion holder — only holders will have access to Beta at this time, if you don't have a Potion in your wallet you will not be receiving a TestFlight invite.
MetaMask: in order to see your ETH NFTs in your Personal Space.

If you’re having trouble connecting your wallets, you will want to try to open the login site inside of your wallet’s browser. In MetaMask, that’s under the table on the top left of the app. In Blocto, that’s under the Discover tab.

When the wallets are connected, you have successfully set up your some·place account! If you don’t have a MetaMask, there is no need to connect it. You will only need the Blocto wallet that holds a Potion to set up your account.

4. Wait for your invite
Invites are sent every Friday, by EOD PST.