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Touching Grass

Oct. 20 th- Nov 3rd, 2022

A community photography show, featuring photos of the great outdoors.

The some·place community submitted these photos over the course of September and October, responding to the prompts “Sunrise/Sunset” and “Outdoors.” They are a reminder to take a step outside, breath in fresh air, and admire the beauty around you. This show features photos from four continents and numerous countries. 

Curated by Danielle King
Oct. 6th - 19th, 2022

Philip Bell
Nathan Cornes
Rose Jackson
Marc Maurer
Iskra Velitchkova

Curator Danielle King is the CFO & COO of ClubNFT and Right Click Save, and the former manager of the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. She is also a mother of two, an avid collector of digital art, a founding member of Tender, and an AI artist.

Pawsitively Perfect
A some·place community pet show
Sept. 23rd - Oct. 5th, 2022

Members of our community were asked to submit their cutest, hairiest, fluffiest photos of their pets. Through community vote, we selected 12 of them to be displayed in our public gallery. These pieces will all be for sale as part of a charity auction. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each NFT will go to Bone Voyage Dog Rescue in Mexico. 

Curated by Eye of the Huntress
Sept. 8th - 22nd, 2022

This inaugural public show featured nine of the most prolific female artists in the NFT space, in collaboration with SuperRare.

Laura Shepherd
Talia Zoref
Kate Daudy
Aslan Ruby
Dayong Kim
Varvara Alay
Misha Milovanovich
Charlotte Colbert
Lizzy Aroloye