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Our Founders

We’re a team who believes that web3 and its possibilities have the potential to upend not just how we work, earn and spend, but also the fundamental ways in which we live, plan and run our lives. In essence, they promise to transform the way capitalism functions. So, we want to level the playing field and give everyone the chance to participate in this new realm of possibilities.

Lana Hopkins

Lana Hopkins

Co-Founder & CEO

A proven visionary, Lana Hopkins is passionate about creating accessible experiences where tech and culture collide at the perfect time.

As a second-time consumer tech founder and CEO, Lana envisions a modern, approachable space as digital collectibles go from niche to mainstream. And, she strongly believes that the arrival of web3 isn’t in the future; it’s here and will be revolutionized by NFTs.

She built as a go-to for consumers and creators and is determined to nurture a community that will push innovators of every background to the forefront. Her experiences as an immigrant and Jewish woman shape the way she approaches every challenge.

In 2014, she founded the first DTC, on-demand, 3D WebGL, accessories brand to scale mass customization and uses this experience to be on the pulse of consumer desires. Now, she brings that experience to

In-app, you won’t be able to miss her wicked sharp avatar or her inspiring knowledge that she’ll share so you can curate your best reality in the metaverse.

In the physical world, you’ll find Lana patiently (or not) waiting to explore the globe as she prefers to go between Australia, America and everywhere along the way.

Juliana DiSimone

Juliana DiSimone

Co-Founder & Creative Director

For Juliana Rudell Di Simone, her years of innovating in the retail and fashion industry give her an intuitive understanding of how we interact with the things that mean the most to us. Whether it be digital collectibles, physical products or social experiences, she believes that NFTs and crypto will transform how we interact as consumers and creators.

As co-founder and creative director of, Juliana is passionate about building the best experience for all through modern design and next-level opportunities. And, as a Latinx woman, she’s determined to make sure there’s a seat for everyone at the table.

In, you’ll have the chance to talk to Juliana about exciting brand activations and events, giving you the tools to build and design your ultimate digital environment.

In the physical world, you’ll see her riding around on tokyobike, the effortlessly trendy lifestyle brand that she launched and positioned in the Americas.